Posted by: judyallen | May 25, 2012

New Writing!

Given my present circumstances, while I’m in chemo I decided to publish my Memoir on my other blog, at Tomorrow I will post the Foreword, and will add a chapter at a time as I complete the editing and revisions. In good health, that would be one a day. Right now? Can’t promise anything. But if I have to, I’ll post the chapters without the endless revision I usually give my writing. There will be about 20.

While I began to write this book for my children and their children, it evolved as I began to realize that the times I had participated in were history-making, particularly for women like myself who had managed to build a successful career during a time when women were not as welcome in the world of work, particularly not if they insisted on being on an equal footing with their male colleagues (which I did).

I’m beginning by posting the Foreword. Watch for it, Friday May 25. “Who will teach your children the meaning behind the facts?” (Tammy Drennan). And who will teach them the facts, if not…us? We stand on the shoulders of giants. As do our children. But too often, they don’t know it. I hope that this Memoir will lay it all out for them, from one woman’s perspective–a woman who knew every day that I went to work, that my battles were building a better future and thus, a better world, for my daughters and granddaughters, and thus, for my son and grandsons.

Judy Allen, May, 2012

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